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August 2013 edition

 Body and Soul Exhibition 
The Body and Soul Life Drawing and Painting Exhibition will be held on the weekend of 20, 21 and 22 September. 
Overall, we are expecting another wonderful exhibition but need the support of more of our members. Please think about how you can assist and contact Joy or Richard in advance. The more helpers we have the better and it would be good to see some new faces. Looking forward to seeing your work and sharing this creative experience. 
Please note, that on Friday September 20, there will still be a drawing session starting at 11:00 am and finishing at 1:30 pm. 
If you are attending the opening night, please bring some fingerfood along. Wine and soft drink will be provided. 

Additional information and the entry form are provided with this edition of Creations. 

Annual Members’ Exhibition 
The exhibition was held over the last weekend in July. The opening on the Friday night was well attended with plenty to savour in the way of food as well as for the eye. 

Children’s Pottery Display at Penrith Library 
Some of the pottery work that has been created by children in the pottery classes is on display in the Penrith Library along with a pottery display (see Events of Interest). 
Members who might not have had the chance to admire their work at the Annual Members’ Exhibition have an opportunity to make up for it there. 

Potters’ Exhibition: 
The potters’ Exhibition will take place on the weekend of 12 & 13 October. Potters are to remember the 6 donation bowls. 
Instructions for exhibitors will be sent out prior to the event. 

President’s Report: 
There is a saying famous in the Art World by Oscar Wilde – “Necessities we can do without, but luxuries are indispensable”. At first hearing we may think this flippant in our society. St Teresa of Avila said “I do not think I could live without poetry”. She may exist without it, but not really live without it. She needed the human word. We say communication and indeed celebration of our feelings, thoughts and beliefs are what makes us particularly human. 
We humans drew on cave walls before we had plumbing and roads. Woman wore jewellery before they had a house, and decoration on pottery is basic to the pot itself. 
Our Centre stands for passion – which means a lasting feeling that life is worthwhile. So we can say “necessities we can do without – as long as we can exist, and luxuries seen in their true perspective are indispensable to being human. 

Life Drawing Monthly Report 
Our Annual Exhibition plans are moving ahead and it seems that our attendance numbers are up, so that means everyone is keener to do work. 
This is the last “Creations” till after our Life Drawing Exhibition. If there is any information you need to know about that exhibition please phone me on (02) 4739 2413 
There was very little interest shown in continuing with the printmaking group and so our next meeting will be the last unless 
interest is shown. That is on Sunday 25 August at 1:30 pm. 

Editor’s Note: 
Dear members, this year, I enjoyed for the first time being a participant in the annual exhibition and it gave me great pleasure and pride to have my daughter also have some of her newly-created pottery on display. 
There is nothing that makes people appreciate each other more than doing things together and that is true also for all the members who joined in making the exhibition happen. 
I enjoyed meeting new faces especially on opening night and while I can’t be there myself, I encourage every member to make an effort to make it to the Life Drawing Exhibition to mix, mingle and ensure that our Centre continues to bring people together in art. 

Community Grant for BMCAC
Some excellent news for our Centre has been received. We have been successful in obtaining a community grant from the Blue Mountains City Council. 
The grant is generously sponsored by the Glenbrook Panthers Bowling Club. 
The presentation of the grant will take place on Tuesday 13 of August at 10:30 am at the Katoomba RSL, 86 Lurline Street. The General Manager of Glenbrook Panthers Bowling Club will present the grant to our president Richard Cutler who will be in attendance. All other members are encouraged to attend if they are able to in order to show our appreciation to both, the Blue Mountains Council and to the generous sponsors. 

A New Life Member in BMCAC 
The significant contribution to our Centre by one of our long term members has been acknowledged through the granting of Life Membership for Daphne Pullen (centre of picture). 
Daphne has been a member of the Centre for over 30 years. 
During her time at BMCAC she has been an integral part of the fibre group which was better known as the “Rusty Pins”. 
The fibre group was a fundamental part of the Centre for over 40 years and though the group is currently not active, when viewing the history of our Centre, the fibre group’s contribution to the Centre was such that it is hard to imagine how the centre would have thrived to the same extend as it has. 
Apart from being a member of the fibre group, Daphne was also a very active member of our Centre in general being always at hand when required for gallery duties, enrolment days, garage sale days and other duties. 
She has been an invaluable part of our Centre over a very long period of time and it was with great gratitude from the part of the committee and all members in general, that she was presented with her Life Membership as a token of our appreciation for her longstanding contribution to the Centre. 
All of us are looking forward to keeping Daphne in our midst in the years to come. 
Sydney Moderns art for a new world (NSW Art Gallery) 
Featuring works by Margaret Preston, Roy de Maistre, Grace Cossington Smith, Ralph Balson and Harold Cazneaux among many others, this exhibition is a celebration of modern Sydney art & life. On display until October 7. 
Events of Interest:
Glenbrook Market Stalls: 
On third Saturday each month. 
Mosaic Workshop by Marion Shapiro 
There will be a Mosaic Workshop held on the weekend of 12-13 October. The cost of the two day workshop will be $120 and there will be an additional $25 charge for materials with everything needed for the workshop being provided. 
The example shown in the picture was displayed at the annual members’ exhibition. 
Pottery Exhibition at Penrith Library
Along with the exhibition of the children’s pottery, Carolyne Eadie also has a display at the Penrith Library. 
The theme of the display is Nursery Rhymes Myths & Legends and draws on the symbolism found in traditional folklore giving them new life through reinterpretation. 

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Come to our next Committee Meeting 
Committee meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. All members are welcome to attend. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the BMCAC please come along and bring your creativity! 
Our next meeting is on Thursday 5 September at 7:30 pm. 

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