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May Creations

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Come to our next Committee Meeting
Committee meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. All members are welcome to attend. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the BMCAC please come along and bring your creativity!
Our next meeting is on 6 June at 7:30pm.
Members’ Exhibition
Our much anticipated annual members’ exhibition will be held on 26, 27 and 28 July and is a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle, exchange ideas and interact with people interested in art. (the photo right shows Louise Markus and Stewart Ayers with our President Richard Cutler)
President’s Report:
Once alive our really big problem is what to do about death and what comes after it, so we have religion, it basically tells us how to get to Heaven. But the rest of life is lived, I believe, artistically. Thinking of the full gamut of the Arts of Man, communication, the art of understanding and controlling aspects of Nature, the art of motherhood (intuiting what the child needs next) etc. On the other hand we are extremely dependent beings for our air, water, food, culture etc. When we put our inner psychology and place the position of freedom and love into the mix, we see what complicated beings we are. This is where I believe self-expression comes to the fore as glue or grease between these blocks. It gives comfort to make, as we and all things we see around us, have been made. I have said in our life drawing class – if God had made a flat woman in paint, is that what she would have looked like?

So, as president of this centre I congratulate Cody for taking over our Gallery and paying rent in order to make, and let’s all produce abundantly for our annual Exhibitions and more.

There was unanimous agreement that Cody Phitzner be permitted to hire gallery space. Potters will work out a contract. He has permission to use the furniture in the gallery.

Life Drawing Monthly Report

Our group is beginning to focus on plans for the “Annual Life Drawing Exhibition” which is at the Community Hall, Glenbrook, next to the picture theatre on 20-22 Sept.
We plan to work with one another encouraging and enabling each other to reach toward their potential. Hopefully each drawer will gain insight into how others see their work progressing. This process could help each of us articulate and focus on our direction or aim. This will only work if individuals present samples of their work. With this concept in mind we will stay back after life drawing finishes (perhaps bring your lunch) beginning on the 17th  May and discuss how often thereafter.
This is purely voluntary and no one ought to feel pressured to participate.
Please feel free to give me your thoughts about this.
Joy 0247392413

Class Co-ordinator’s Report:
Helen, Vicki and I interviewed prospective children’s class teachers and would like to welcome Abby Howells and Cathie Cox to the centre.  Abbey Howells is offering classes in Art Fun and Craft fun for the younger children, and Cathie Cox is offering Mixed Media and Drawing for the older children. Hopefully we can run all our newly-offered children’s classes.  Details of the classes are on a new page on the website called “Class and Teacher Information”.  All the class outlines sound really exciting.
Also, hopefully, Paul Sargeant’s photography class will find the students to get it going as well.  Enrolment day is Saturday 4 May. 

Exploring Majolica Technique -  Mary Greig

I’ve recently been experimenting with translating my drawings onto ceramic tiles using the majolica technique. The direct nature of applying colour through this brush technique has a nice appeal because the fired result looks pretty close to way it was applied.
In an effort to  make ceramic tiles that can be used in a garden wall project   I’ve been  experimenting with majolica as a way to explore what the character and colour palette of this technique has to offer.
For the type of imagery I’m trying to achieve, I’ve found that simple, refined forms with smooth surfaces are best. But thinking outside of the box might lead you beyond the conventional interpretation of this technique.
Consider the variety of textures you can create, combined with alternatives to applying stains using non-traditional techniques. Spattering with a toothbrush, spraying with a squirt bottle, or dabbing with a crumpled rag might be just the beginning.
The example shown on the previous page is of a figure drawing that was transferred to majolica.  Icarus from the Ovid collection of Greek myths - Metamorphoses.
The majolica technique begins with applying an opaque white glaze over your bisque-fired clay.
I would enjoy conducting a workshop in this interesting and colourful technique and would like to hear from anyone interested in participating.

Publicity Report:
Liz submitted an article to the paper on Paul Sargeant’s photography class.
She is intending to submit an article to advertise the new teachers and the new art classes. She will also write an article and submit it before our members’ exhibition.
Liz Bryden
 New Print Making Group – Call for expressions of Interest

Joy Myers-Creed, Ingrid Russell and Liz Bryden attended a Solar Etching Workshop at Springwood High School over the weekend 13/14 April 2013, organised by the Australian Forum for Textile Arts (TAFTA).  Seraphina Martin who you may know through her printmaker activities in the Blue Mountains and beyond was a wonderful tutor, offering her expertise and encouragement throughout. 
For those of you who don’t know what solar etching is, it is a non- toxic and relatively easy method of print making which involves exposing the metal plate to the sun to achieve a print.  As it was a very sunny weekend this was no problem and we had a wonderful time exploring the effects that can be achieved using original drawings, photos and found objects as the basis for the etchings. 
Solar etching is only one of the workshops offered by TAFTA and if you are interested please refer to their website http://tafta.org.au/ for more information.

Pictured Liz, Joy and Ingrid at the workshop
Importantly, our positive experience with solar etching has enthused us to take the next step and utilise the Centre’s printing press. We are considering creation of a printing group which would meet on a Saturday afternoon once a month. The plan is to attempt a range of printing techniques dependant on the experience levels of attendees.  While this won’t be strictly a class, sharing knowledge and techniques is the aim and I’m sure any gaps in knowledge/skills would fill over time. If you are interested in being involved, please contact us via the BMCAC website.
bmcac.mail@gmail.com or ring Joy on 47392413

Pottery Workshop
A workshop for basic wheel throwing is proposed to be conducted in the near future. This workshop would assume some knowledge of pottery and for interested parties, any questions can be directed to Wendy Field  
Ph: 4739 2243.

Upcoming Events of Interest:
Woodfire 2013
In memory of Janet Mansfield
21 June – 19 July
kerrie lowe gallery
49 – 51 King Street, Newtown 2042  Phone 9550 4433

Glenbrook Market Stall 
On 3rd Saturday of each month.

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