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March, 2013

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Come to our next Committee Meeting

Committee meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. All members are welcome to attend. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the BMCAC please come along and bring your creativity!

Our next meeting is on 4th of April at 7:30pm.

The Centre’s AGM was held on the 23rd of February in conjunction with the Committee meeting. Tabled reports as well as results of Committee elections were as follows.

Richard Cutler
Vice President
Helen Christof
Bronwyn Campbell
David Atwood
Class Co-ordinator
Ingrid Russell
Creations Editor
Matthias Zierholz
Publicity Officer
Elizabeth Bryden
Vicki Hersey
Committee member
Wendy Field
Committee member
Joy Myers Creed

President’s Report:

In my overview of the year I want to bring up certain distinctions that might make things clear. The first distinction is between a manager and an artist. This came up when one of our committee members left with letters to us all complaining I was not computer savvy and basically not a good manager.

Managers usually don’t want to live with the uncertainty principal that is inherent in art.

If you are going to go for originality for you, then to make breakthroughs, one must accept a fair amount of freedom and uncertainty. This is the difference in attitude between an artist and a manager I believe.

Now I don’t know what sort of president you want – one whose main thrust is seeing or one whose main thrust in managing.

I am not really a good manger. I like people too much. Managers stick to their rules and often sacrifice people. I have experienced the difference between craft and an Art. I was a tailor for 25 years in a family firm lasting 130 years from father to son. We made $6,000 suits. The difference I believe is that craft is usable. It has much more management in it. One can guarantee the product more because of the rules, like commercial Art. But real Art is found on the wing so to speak, one sees it is good, the rules are found for that particular painting only – maybe some of you have witnessed this when I draw portraits of the people at the Rotary Markets. Now both are good - craft and Art, but they are different and in a place like this each should have their own dignity. The line between craft and Art can be hazy, but essentially they are different and this should be recognised openly. So much for that.

Now to other matters: We have had two major deaths in our family. One Lyndal Walsh to cancer– what a dynamo! Everyone who knew her will miss her terribly. The other, our guardian angel who lived directly over the road and oversaw the centre intimately.

Highlights of this last year: Our wonderful pottery exhibitions and our much talked about life drawing exhibition. To get regional councillors and politicians to open these are a bonus, as Wendy can witness, as she approached them with our immediate concerns.

Our main room has been beautifully painted. We had 30 school children do the first coat and Wendy with Helen’s support did a great job completing the task.

I thank David for such sterling work organising the Rotary market stall. This advertises our centre. Also, I would like to thank him for his great contribution as Vice Treasurer working with Ned. Ned wishes to step down after 9 productive years. We wish Jan well too with all her health troubles - and thank her for Oh! so many years –it is hard for a newcomer to imagine it.

There are many many more of you who do great work for the good of the centre- thank you one and all.

Some problems, like what to do with the Gallery, will come up with the new committee, but I step down with a light heart to await your decision as to our next committee’s make up.


Treasurer’s Report:

Notes on Accounts and Comments in the Auditors Statements

Final Result
202.58 surplus
464.75 surplus
635.45 surplus
262.32 surplus
General Centre
-2,836.18 deficit
-10,043.54 deficit
Total Consolidated
-1,998.15 deficit
-9,316.57 deficit

It should be noted the Auditor’s comments based on the last 7 years results were:

Based on the average loss, in 6 to 6.5 years the Centre will be broke.

Over the last 3 to 4 years, this has been brought to the Committee’s attention. The result for 2012 is very good, i.e. $1,998.15 deficit. Take out the non cash item of depreciation $1,648.17 and the result is $346.98 cash deficit for the year.


Gallery Report:

We began the year with a new roster and timetable in place i.e. opening only on a Saturday from 9:30am until 4:30pm with people rostered on, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. I hoped that the new opening times would boost sales. It was not to be, our sales remained low.

With declining exhibitors, members were rostered on more frequently. Many found it disheartening to sit for three and a half hours and have few or as was sometimes the case, no customers at all. The inevitable happened and we were all very sorry to have to make the decision to close the gallery in its present form, in December.

Exhibitors were requested to remove any stock they wished to retain. Anything left behind was offered for sale at discount prices along with remaining goods from our April garage sale. A profit of about $200 was put into the BMCAC account.

I have enjoyed being a member of the Blue Mountains Creative Centre having experienced it under various hats over the last ten years and would like to thank the committee, the members and especially the gallery committee for their continued support. I will especially miss the friendship of the potters group and my long standing involvement as the gallery co-ordinator, but personal circumstances demand that I resign. I wish you all the best for the future.

Jan Needham

Life Drawing Monthly Report

Our group has started well this year and we all look forward to the time ahead. Members reported how much they missed the activity and thought that the break was a bit long. There were others who enjoyed the break and I was one of them.

I’ve had some enquiries from interested people wanting to draw who have seen us on our web page. I’ve also had 2 new models wanting work, phone up and give me their phone numbers.

Our numbers fluctuate widely, there was 5 one week and then 11 the following week. Sometimes after a full week people stay away thinking the space is too restricted and so for a few weeks after that the numbers are down. I’m mentioning this here so that some will understand the problem and it may not happen as often.

It’s encouraging to see the drawing group has 4 members taking an active role in helping to run the art center. Richard Cutler is the President, Liz Bryden and Colin Brest are on the committee and I am the life drawing facilitator. The Art Centre needs more active members. Please consider volunteering.

We need additional committed people who could attend monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month. We would welcome new input and support. So come along to our next meeting on April 4th at 7:30pm and see how things work.

Joy Myers Creed Ph: (02) 4739 2413

Potters Group Report:

Blue Mountains Potters once again had a very successful year in 2013. Our membership has increased considerably and our new members are very keen. Many of these new members come from the Monday night group who meet weekly at 6-30pm.

We had an enjoyable and informative sawdust firing at Wendy’s in September where results were both interesting and surprising! Many of these pots then became part of the annual Clay Creations exhibition held in October in the Glenbrook Hall, an event which draws plenty of visitors and lots of positive praise.

Our Christmas party was once again held at the Lapstone Hotel (on a quieter night!) and was a very enjoyable evening. We again collected a large box of “goodies” for the Lower Blue Mountains Family Support service, which distributes Christmas hampers to needy families.

With the Centre’s classes growing ---a big thank you to Carolyn Eadie---we welcome prospective members to join our group.

Wendy Field

Library Report:

During to the room rearrangement a number of pottery library books were culled and books rearranged.

Vicki Hersey

Life drawers Group Report:

The Life Drawing Group has had a successful year with an amazing Annual Exhibition at the local community hall beside the picture theatre.

We have, as usual, continued meeting with unbroken sessions except for our so called Christmas break. We continue to welcome new members and new models on a regular basis, so we are indeed a dynamic group, but retaining a nucleus of steadfast dedicated drawers.

Our Christmas get together was very well attended. It was a festive last meet together.

It is a rewarding task for me to continue to facilitate this family of drawers who openly welcome new people of any persuasion with enthusiasm and warmth.


Class co-ordinator’s Report:

A warm welcome to all new and returning students to BMCAC. Hopefully we can keep the classes going all year, so please spread the word or bring a friend or two. All the pottery classes, both for adults and children, are full and a new class on Friday evening has had to be formed. Thank you to Carolyn for all her efforts last year and we look forward to another busy pottery studio this year. The children’s painting class on Thursday afternoon went ahead. Unfortunately Hilary will be finishing up at the end of this term and we thank her for her time with us. We will need a new teacher for the children’s classes in art, so if anyone is interested in applying for that position, please email me at or ring me on 47391118.

Shane Hersey’s Visualisation class proved to be very popular and has good numbers in it. We offered a number of courses, which did not go ahead due to lack of numbers.

I encourage all teachers to do some advertising to help bring in the students and keep their classes going or get them started. A short editorial with a photo to the Gazette works wonders – and it’s free.

Also, if you email me an updated class information sheet and materials list, I can put it on the website and have copies to hand out on enrolment days and at the markets.

If anyone has any ideas or contacts for possible new classes, or suggestions to improve our class numbers, please email me. I am open to suggestions and offers of help.

A big thank you to Vicki Hersey for helping to run enrolment days - much appreciated.

If someone would like to volunteer to put the enrolment day sign on the oval fence for next term, that would be great.

Term dates for this year are as follows:

Term 1 – Feb 4 – Feb 28. (Enrolment day Feb 2)

Term 2 – May 6 – June 28 (Enrolment day May 4)

Term 3 – July 22 – Sept 13 (Enrolment day July 20)

Term 4 – Oct 14 – Dec 6 (Enrolment day Oct 12)



Editor’s Report

The meetings in February (AGM and general) were productive and various other general business items such as a new cartridge for the photocopier and the possibility of buying a printer to save the ongoing high cost of the photocopier were discussed.

Also, in light of the treasurer’s report with the ongoing need to raise revenue, it was suggested that amongst the other budget measures, such as applying for Club grants for 2013, the main building should be advertised for meetings.

The committee was informed there were numerous class enquiries as a result of the last Glenbrook Stall day indicating the importance of having the stall. (Photos from the stall are shown at the end of the newsletter).

Wendy reminded us that due to Jan’s retirement we need a new exhibitions sub-committee to organise the exhibitions. Action: Helen, Wendy and Bronwyn will be the new sub-committee and will meet to organise the next exhibition.

The cleaning contract arrangements are to be clarified with details to be supplied to the committee for consideration and negotiation with the contractor

A reminder was issued, that the meeting room should be returned to its original state after each use, including taking down backdrops from the wall. Also, members should be mindful of community property so that items not in use currently but are intended to be used in the future do not get thrown out. An organised clean out of property will be conducted at the next council clean up.

The possibility of running children’s classes during school holidays will be discussed at next meeting. Wendy, Bronwyn and Helen have volunteered to run classes.

Farewell presents were given to Jan and Ned Needham. Richard thanked them on behalf of all of us for their long years of service to the Centre.


Hot Topics:

A possible name change from “Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre” to “Glenbrook Creative Arts Centre” will be discussed. Any such change will of course need to go to a vote by all member first but a move for a vote is likely to happen at the next committee meeting on the 4th of April. Any members who wish to show support for or against this motion are strongly encouraged to come along and join in the discussion. If you have strong views regarding this change and can’t make the meeting, you may wish to contact one of the Committee members to have your view represented and considered at the meeting.

Advertisment of Gallery use as studio space will also be considered and discussed at the next meeting. It has been suggested that if this was to occur,

- A legal document be signed

- Bond paid

- Rent paid a month in advance

Other uses for the Gallery which were suggested were a reading room/weekly get together.

If you have support or objections or alternate options for these possibilities, the committee is interested in hearing from you either before or at the next meeting.

Art Supplies/Equipment:

Vicki Marshall 0448410135 has Venco wheel and potting accessories for sale.

If YOU need paint for any job around the house, big or small, we ask that you show your appreciation by purchasing at

INSPIRATIONS Paint & Colour, Shop 5/6, 109 Batt St South Penrith. Tel 4732 5903

Upcoming Events of Interest:

Woodfire 2013

In memory of Janet Mansfield

21 June – 19 July

kerrie lowe gallery

49 – 51 King Street, Newtown 2042

Phone 9550 4433

Glenbrook Market Stall

On the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Members are reminded that if their membership fees are not paid, they will be removed from the mailing list of Creations for future editions.

Photos from our stall at the markets:

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