Monday, September 24, 2012

September, 2012

President’s Report
Thoughts about Life Drawing
We called our 29th Life Drawing Exhibition Body and Soul.  Our philosopher friends say the soul is close to the personality.  We all have original personalities and if we demand originality in Art we love new personalities in ourselves, and others.  In Christian terms it is a call to make al things new.
But this new personality, the drawing, in life drawing is not a novel one.  Each woman wants their child to be a new personality but not a novel one with three arms.  So life drawing keeps us on track in this way.  If we want a Kali with many arms we must leave drawing from life and paint a more psychic world with its particular reality.  Picasso did not do much life drawing, Matisse did.  Matisse was asked once why he drew models that if you met them in the street (the drawings of the models) you would run a mile.  He said I draw from a model to leave her, if I did not have a model I would not be able to leave her: in other words, to form a new personality from the model.  Art is usually learnt from Art, so we learn from the masters.
To empathise from the model we usually need to free ones hand and to love originality we need to bypass the controlling and planning mind to celebrate an aspect of what is.  Come to our Life Drawing group and be surprised.  Different drawers will give you help if you asked, before and after class.  We need to keep our centre at the centre.

The Life Drawing Group held its 2012 Annual Body and Soul Exhibition at Glenbrook Theatre, with the Official Opening on Friday 31st August and over the following weekend, the 1st and 2nd of September.
Wow! Was the comment from one visitor and this sentiment was repeated by many over the weekend. Ten artists exhibited their works which included drawings, paintings and individual portfolios. The variety of expression in the drawings and paintings added to the visual smorgasbord.  You not only enjoyed the art for its own sake but were also able to learn something about the artists’ motivation.  Strong and/or subtle lines, colour and/or monotone, composition etc., all told a story. 
Red wine and tasty nibbles plus wonderful company made the opening a warming experience.  Thank you to Richard especially for his work in ensuring that the exhibition was manned throughout and for those who helped with setting up and taking down the display. 
Overall, the success of the exhibition was in enjoying the diversity in art on display and in bringing together like minded people. The Life Drawing Annual Exhibition was a positive experience for all and a wonderful way to promote the BMCAC as a central point for creative people in the Lower Blue Mountains. The artists’ enthusiasm for creativity is the real measure of success. 

Class Co-ordinator’s Report
The new timetable for term 4 is out.  Enrolment day is on Saturday 13th October form 10 till 2pm.  Anyone intending on returning next term is asked to please re-enrol early to ensure that classes run. 
Joanna Jensen is offering a class in children’s art on Tuesday afternoons, and Torben will be offering woodcarving on Monday nights.  Welcome back Joanna and Torben, hopefully we get the numbers for your classes to run. Also new this term will be a photography class on offer on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30.  Check the website for details. In line with the committee decision, the children’s classes will be $120 per term – a small rise, but necessary to cover increasing costs.

Workshop Report
Peter Gonzalez will hold a watercolour painting workshop at the centre on Saturday 13th of October. Peter has extensive experience using watercolour throughout his career.  Watercolour gives a transparency that is not achieved with other mediums and this is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of using this technique. The workshop will include an introduction to using this medium and demonstrations with each participant creating their own artwork by the end of the day. A few art materials are needed to get started including paper, brushes, paint, an art board and cotton rags. The workshop will run from 10am-4pm with a lunch break throughout the day, costing $80 per person. Please contact me with any queries and to book your place.

Life Drawing Group Report
It was such a delight for me at our hanging last Friday.  All exhibitors were there helping one another to do their best for the benefit of all.  I’d like to especially mention Richard who was in charge of the hall key and virtually manned the exhibition most of the time with help from some others.  It’s so rewarding to see synergy happen in a group. I will hopefully have two models on Friday 5th October.  We’ve had good intentions recently, which is also encouraging.  Congratulations to each of those 12 people who exhibited their works for our 29th annual event, we’re going from strength to strength.  Well done. 


September 16th- October 21st
Richard Cutler painting and drawing exhibition, 349 King St

September 29th
Lise Edwards, wood fired pots from the new kiln exhibition, Potters Needs, Oberon

October 13th-14th
BMCAC Potters Annual Exhibition at 

October 13th
BMCAC Watercolour workshop with Peter Gonzalez, 10am-4pm

Term 4 enrolment day 10am-2pm

October 14th-
November 18th
Contained, ceramics by Keiko Matsue, Sturt Gallery Mittagong

October 17th
Grant writing in
practice workshop at Penrith Library

October 20th
BMCAC Rotary Market stall at Glenbrook
Infants School

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