Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April, 2012

Annual Members Exhibition

All members are invited to exhibit. Work can be for sale or just for display. Dont miss out on this opportunity to show what you can do and to see the stunning range of works from our talented members.
May 25th, 26th & 27th

Take a look at our Website and Blog for information, updates and news: www.bmcac.com

Presidents Report: What to Paint

My art teacher, John Ogburn, shocked me one day by saying that the question of what to paint will not be settled in my lifetime. This was because of the uncertainty of the age that we live in. In other ages the community had settled beliefs so the artist was relieved of this problem. The artist was more a craft person carrying out a job. In the 20th Century Artist tended to change a lot in their imagery, even from month to month. They normally started with mood painting, choosing a mood that would occupy the whole canvas, each part contributing to the whole. At their maturity they often painted two moods in one painting, we used to call this subject painting (e.g. rise and fall or young and old). Another decision that has to be made in our age is whether to paint from nature (developing gesture drawing) or to paint from the psyche or from feeling or ideas. The traditional way was to copy from the masters realising that copying is different from mere imitating. In copying one learns how the master works. The copy may not look at all like the masters. In imitating the student slavishly makes an object outwardly like the masters but not learning anything at all. Another way is to find a teacher who does not teach just techniques but guides the instincts of the student about what they personally want to paint and then advises them how to do it. Arbitrary learning of techniques I have found leads to hardening of the heart to achieve outward cleverness that tends to destroy art. Art is always personal, Im afraid. In the beginning one may chose to experiment as much as you like and paint the subject I do not know what I am doing” or the subject I love generosity. This for many years can be fruitful but just arbitrary learning to be clever tends towards being a picture maker not a painter.

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of past BMCAC president and much valued active member Lyndal Walsh on the morning  oWednesda21st  MarchLyndal  lost her battle with cancer which she so courageously fought. She will be greatly missed. We send our heartfelt sympathies to her loving family.

In Memory of Lyndal Walsh

Lyndal believed in the person as creative - she gave her time freely to the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre for over nine years, she put out our Magazine Creations and worked not only as President but also as a model, and exhibitor and encourager of the Arts. She was a no-nonsense forthright person and we all loved her for her generosity of spirit. She is sadly missed by all at the centre.

Potters Report

As we have not yet had a meeting there is no report, however the clay order arrived, was distributed and is nearly all paid for. A big thank you to those hard workers involved.

Gallery Report
We have two new signs up. They look great with their updated information, thank you Frank. Sales have been poor for the last two months, although we have had quite a few lookers. Comments from the ones I have spoken to were favourable, but it remains to be seen if they will return to buy when the occasion demands. Lets hope so!   Jan

Landscape Art Group
The Group now has nine members. Two productive and enjoyable painting excursions have taken place to Glenbrook Lagoon and Jelly Bean Pools in the Blue Mountains National Park. Since the Garage Sale is on April 21 and the forecast is heavy rain the next meeting is on April 28.
All attendees must be paid up members of the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre. You can bring a friend, once, before membership of the centre becomes compulsory. An Indemnity Form must be completed by everyone in the group to cover all outdoor meets away from the Centre. Members must pay a  $7 fee each meet. Bring your own easel, paints and canvas, as well as drinks and snacks to all outdoor meets. When we meet at the home at the Centre for   Show and Tell sessions, members can bring work in progress. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Time and Location
April 28

Lenox Bridge - Meet at 10AM at BMCAC. Drive to

Lenox Bridge
May 5

Yarramundi Reserve - Meet at 10AM at BMCAC.

Drive to Yarramundi Reserve
May 12

Glenbrook Lagoon - Meet at 10AM at BMCAC.

Drive to Carpark at Glenbrook Lagoon
May 19

At Home - Meet at 10AM at BCMAM. Bring work

in progress
May 26

Nepean River near Penrith Regional Art Gallery

- Meet at 10AM at BMCAC. Drive to Penrith

Regional Art Gallery

Contact Mary Greig 02 47 511 549

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