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March, 2012

MARCH 2012
Garage Sale

Saturday April 21

Annual Members Exhibition
All members are invited to exhibit. Work can be for sale or just for display. Dont miss out on this opportunity to show what you can do and to see the stunning range of works from our talented members.
May 25th, 26th & 27th

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Send us an email or give one of us a call if you have any enquiries

(contact numbers printed on last page)


Welcome to Creations 2012! My name is Felicity and I am the new Creations Editor. A heartfelt thanks is deserved of the dedicated members who keep the BMCAC running. At the Annual Meeting
it became clear that we need as much support from our loyal
members as possible. Any ideas, suggestions and thoughts about how to improve and sustain the BMCAC are encouraged.
If you would like to help out in any way please contact one of our
members (contact numbers printed on last page).
Finally a big thank you to all of the contributors to this edition of
Creations. We hope you enjoy it.

Class Coordinator report
Classes throughout 2011 were up and down. Adult classes gradually dwindled due a variety of reasons. We lost a number of teachers, also due to a variety of reasons. The home schoolers pottery classes were our mainstay. We need to think about how best to promote classes and to find new ideas for classes. We will be needing teachers for adult painting and wood carving.
We have 3 childrens pottery classes – two of which are home schoolers. We also have 1 childrens art class and an evening pottery class for adults on Thursdays. We have a new pottery teacher, so a warm welcome to Carolyn Eadie who has been very well received by the pottery students, adults and children alike. We have had a request for a pottery party, so this could be an avenue we could persueAfter some enquiries, we will be adding direct deposit payment options for classes. Please, everyone, do your best to get the news out there about
our classes so we can fill all the spaces and keep them going.

Advertising and Sponsorship

The Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre, established in 1973, has served practicing artists and members for over 35 years
and has helped to promote arts and crafts in the area of pottery, fibre, photography, lead-lighting, figure-drawing and woodwork, amongst others. Community Development in the Lower Blue Mountains’ villages and further afield has been facilitated through
classes for school students, adult group practice, workshops
and exhibitions. Membership stands at 93 and classes account for over 100 student members who represent the villages of Winmalee, Warrimoo, Springwood, Mount River View, Blaxland, Glenbrook and Emu Plains.

Exhibitions of the work of the artists and students of the BMCAC
attract visitors from Sydney Metropolitan Area, Penrith Valley and Hawkesbury, as well as the villages and towns of the Blue Mountains.
We are asking you to consider advertising in our monthly magazine Creations ($50 annual fee); advertise on our BMCAC Web Page ($50 annual fee); sponsor BMCAC Members Annual Exhibition (Sole Sponsor $500 fee or $200 Joint Sponsor fee) and lastly sponsor a BMCAC prize. We plan to inaugurate a BMCAC Small Arts Prize to coincide with our Annual MembersExhibition
25, 26, 27 May 2012 . We will run an advertisement of your choice every month in Creationor display your advertisement on our Web Page and/or display a banner with your logo at our exhibitions.
If you are interested please write to Secretary Dr Mary Greig

PO Box 41 Glenbrook 2773 mary.greig3@bigpond.com.

Gallery Report

The Gallery is going well but we are in desperate need of more
volunteers to take some shifts. As a result the Gallery is now
open from 9.30am until 4.30pm on Saturdays only. Shifts are only short, and it would be a great help even if you could only do one. It would also be wonderful if more works were produced to sell in the Gallery.
A big thank you to everyone who supports the Gallery in any way,
it would not be able to run without our valuable members.

Potters Report

The Potters are going strong and are one of the BMCACs most successful groups, with an interest from both children and adults. Many brilliant works are being produced, with some fantastic contributions of works to sell in the Gallery, which are always very popular. Keep up the great effort!

Workshop: Ceramic dragon sculpture

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon, with Jan Needhams ceramic dragon workshop. In Chinese astrology the dragon is a symbol of good fortune and intense power. It is a creature of myth and legend.
The workshop hosted by Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre will focus on creating a small scaled ceramic dragon sculpture. It is a wonderful opportunity to make a unique design that will make a beautiful addition to your home.
Participants will work throughout the morning to produce a finished dragon sculpture under Jans tuition. No previous experience working with ceramics are necessary, you will learn all the skills needed to create your own original art piece.
The workshop will run on Saturday the 9th of June from 9.30am-
12pm. The cost of this workshop is $30 for adults and $20 for children under the age of 12. All materials will be provided along with morning tea.
Places in this workshop are limited and early bookings are
advised to avoid disappointment.
For bookings or further enquiries, please contact Lauren

0403504922 bmcac.mail@gmail.com

Life Drawing & Landscape
Painting Report

Life drawing has been going very well, slow to start the year but
last week we had 11 people and in that 2 new members.
The bad news is that we werent able to have our annual exhibition around our usual time. The available dates either side were 7th,8th and 9th December or 31st August, 1st and 2nd September. All except one person choose Aug/Sept. The idea of a spring exhibition sparked our imaginations.
We will have the opening on Friday 31st Aug. from 7PM to 10PM and continue the exhibition on Sat. 1st and Sun, 2nd Sept. from10AM to5PM.Please set these times aside to have your works ready or to resolve to come along [with friends and family] and
see how we have used our opportunities to create amazing Lifeworks. If you missed our last years exhibition you wont realize how weve moved. Then there is always the surprise to everyone seeing our new members first exposure within the group.
Most but not all the new Saturday landscape painting people are ‘life drawers. I can tell you this is another opportunity to be inspired by some great outdoor [or indoor when it rains] views. Just try it once if youre half inclined.I did on the first meet and as it was raining we stayed at the Center. The subject I perservered with was the skull of a horse which belongs to Richard; it was
challenging but Im happy with the result and its given me some
ideas to use in the future.

Please phone me if you have any questions or comments.
Joy Myers Creed 0247392413

Textile sewing workshop with Fiona

Talented textile artist Fiona Warmbath will be conducting a workshop on Saturday the 14th of April from 10am-4pm at the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre. She has many yearsexperience as a costume and textile designer working in collaboration and independently on a large range of projects.
Fiona will show you the basics of sewing through the construction
of your own bag. Not only will you have a practical item for day to day use but a uniquely designed item customised by you.
This workshop will give you a solid foundation for pursuing other
projects in the future. It is perfect for beginners or more advanced sewers who would like to brush up on their skills with an exciting project!
The workshop will be all day and cost $70 for each person. You will need to bring along some fabric and anything you would like to decorate your bag with.
If you have any questions or enquiries please contact Fiona via
email through her websitwww.fmwdesigns.com.au
Bookings are essential and places are limited, please call Lauren
0403504922 to secure your spot!

Create a Bucket List Today!

Have you created a bucket list of things to do before you die? Learn Chinese, give Blood, travel to Tibet.. The Committee of The Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre, Glenbrook, have an even bettesuggestion for your bucket list. BMCAC has created events and activities that are fun, exciting, and even dangerous for over 35 years. Raising funds for promoting arts and crafts
is now very competitive. We have a deficit of $10,000 which we are working very hard to reduce, but we need your help. Put a Bequest for The Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre at the top of your Bucket List.
Phone Secretary Dr Mary Greig 0247 511 549

2012 Election of Management Committee

Richard Cutler
Vice President
Helen Christof
Mary Greig
Care taker Treasurer
Ned Needham with David
47 354747
Class Coordinator
Ingrid Russell
Workshop Coordinator
Lauren Wright
Creations Editor
Felicity McGee
Vicki Hersey
Committee Member
Liz Bryden

Children and Adult Pottery Classes - Carolyn Eadi0423774564

Pottery - Wendy Field 47392243

Life Drawing - Joy Myers Creed 47392413

Web Page - Ingrid Russell 47391118

Landscape Artists - Mary Greig 47511549

Gallery Committee - Jan Needham 47354747

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