Monday, May 24, 2010

Presidents Report

This design is one of the options we have. It would cost approximately $200,000 to build. It is a steel construction with a colour bond roof and it would have laser lighting down both sides of the double building. One is 6m X 12m, the other 4.8m by 12m, all timber lined. The smaller one has a mezanine floor for storage and the ground floor underneath could easily be heated. There would be a kitchen and amenities area at the back and a set of bi-fold doors between the buildings for concerts, dances and plays. A four door entrance and large timber veranda out the front. This prominent design will look aesthetically pleasing with the existing buildings with view over the park. The council will act with us to ask for a government grant. We will need to raise half. The price does not include demolition and removal of existing building. All we need is to dig deep and get it off the ground.

Editors Note
There are certainly some exiting times ahead of us for the BMCAC. This is one of a few designs we have looked at. If you would like to have an imput into our new building please come along to the monthly committee meeting at 7.30 on the first Thursday of each month - this month will be 4th June. Come along and see what is happening and have your say!

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